Control weeds naturally with vinegar

If you want to use a natural and non-toxic weed killer in your garden or homestead, try some horticultural vinegar.

You can use this kind of vinegar to keep your garden free of weeds. It is effective for weed control and it is also an eco-friendly option that does not include any harmful chemicals. If you do not have horticultural vinegar, you can use regular vinegar instead. Just keep in mind that the former is a much stronger substance compared to the latter. (h/t to

How to make homemade vinegar weed killer

Regular vinegar has a five percent acidity rate but horticultural vinegar has at least 20 to 30 percent acidity, or a much higher acetic acid content.

You can use regular vinegar if you are only spraying tiny weeds on your driveway or patio, but you may need to use it undiluted.

Use undiluted horticultural vinegar if you are spraying some stubborn weeds. During spring or early summer, when weeds are at their peak, you can mix vinegar weed killer in a ratio of four parts horticultural vinegar to one part water so its acidity level is high. Using this strong solution can turn the leaves of weeds brown anywhere from eight to 12 hours.

When spraying weeds in summer, weeds won’t be that much of a problem so you can use a ratio of one part horticultural vinegar with one part water. Homemade vinegar weed killer with an acidity rate of about 10 to 15 percent can help keep less aggressive weeds at bay.

If you use the regular vinegar solution, remember that it can take around 24 hours or more before you see results.

Tips for using the vinegar weed killer

Wait until the sun is high in the sky before you use the horticultural vinegar weed killer. The heat, coupled with the vinegar spray, will be more effective.

Plants are most vulnerable from mid- to late afternoon on sunny days, and the vinegar absorbs and kills at a more efficient rate. (Related: How to prep your land: Natural ways to clear out invasive plants, tree stumps.)

Use a sprayer if you are weeding a larger area like a patio. A hand-held pump spray bottle will work on smaller areas.

Be very careful when using either the regular or horticultural vinegar weed killer solutions. They are non-specific, which means that they will kill whatever they come in contact with, regardless if it is a beautiful flowering plant or some pesky weeds.

The vinegar weed killer is perfect for getting rid of weeds that have taken over gravel areas, sidewalks, or walkways, but you need to reconsider if you want to eliminate weeds on your lawn or in compact planting areas like a flower box. Try to avoid using the vinegar weed killer solution anywhere near your growing rows or on vegetable plants.

While vinegar is a more natural alternative compared to pesticides or commercial weed killers, it is still a natural acid. You must always wear protective equipment, like goggles and gloves, when weeding to avoid getting burns on any exposed skin or your eyes.

Keep your homestead weed-free the natural way with some effective homemade vinegar weed killer.

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